Rhodri Evans
Ten Physicists Who Transformed Our Understanding of Reality

Standing on the shoulders of giants . . . 400 years of scientific breakthroughs, from Galileo to Feynman

Physics is not only an exploration of the most profound questions about the universe, its practical applications have also transformed our everyday lives. Leading popular science writers Rhodri Evans and Brian Clegg present a chronological list of those seen as the top ten most significant physicists – Galileo, Newton, Faraday, Clerk Maxwell, Marie Curie, Rutherford, Einstein, Bohr, Dirac and Feynman – to trace and explain the most significant advances in physics over more than 400 years.

Some of these physicists are household names, others less well known, but each has made an extraordinary contribution to human knowledge. Evans and Clegg examine not only the scientific breakthroughs made by these scientists, but also their often fascinating lives – Curie laboriously sorting through tons of pitchblende to isolate radium, Bohr’s frustration at Einstein’s attempts to undermine quantum theory – helping to make the science more accessible. Click here to order your copy (or click on the image to the right)


Praise for Ten Physicists

(4/5) "...I was pleased to see them giving the lie to the myth that Galileo dropped weights from the leaning tower of Pisa.This is a lovely book, easy to read, and sure to provoke debate...." John Gribbin, Goodreads.com (December 2015)

(4/5) "I found this book to be quite insightful into the lives of past physicists and how they got to their big contributions of science....All in all it was a good learning experience and was enjoyable to learn about some of the worlds greatest physicists" Caitlin Verhaaren, Goodreads (January 2016)

((5/5) Buy it, Read it, Enjoy it "...This book is accessible to a wide audience interested in the history of science....Even though I knew about each of the subjects of the book, I finished each chapter with the satisfaction that I had learned something or understood more. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and I recommend it to anyone, beginner or advanced with an interest in science and those who contribute to its advancement. There is a place for this book on every bookshelf." Steve Wainright, Amazon.co.uk (January 2016)

(5/5) Excellent read for all interested in science "This is one of those books that you can dip in and out of at your leisure. It is well written and packed with interesting anecdotes and information about those physicists who make the list. You may not agree with the authors final choices and ratings but you can't argue with the achievements of those included. I really enjoyed this book even though I knew most of the stories beforehand, mainly because it authored in such a way so as not to alienate those who are not physicists." J. Maclean, Amazon.co.uk (January 2016)

(3/5) ".....The authors accept that lists are ripe for debate and the "top" 10 will not be to everyone's taste and this is discussed in a chapter devoted to the topic....The pen pictures are quite amusing with some decent anecdotes but one is still left wishing for more...Tthe book has Richard Feynman in it and as he's a hero of mine - well that's worth a star on its own...All in all not a bad book" Big Jim, Amazon.co.uk (January 2015)

"10 Physicists was an enjoyable read with some great character development. Maxwellians next" Mark Feldwick from Twitter (11 June 2016)

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"just finished reading "10 physicists..." Absolutely wonderful insight into some great minds. Thank you!" Physics Dad 1878 from Twitter (10 November 2016)

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