Rhodri Evans
What If Einstein Was Wrong?

What if...? are the two words that sow the seeds for human speculation, experimentation, invention, evolution, revolution, and change. In an uncertain age, economists are asking, What if growth stops growing?; scientists, What if light speed gets overtaken?; and politicians, What if the third world becomes the first? What If Einstein Was Wrong? challenges a team of scholars to experiment with 50 topical science speculations, at a time when the hunt for the Higgs boson particle is threatening to undermine the foundations of our knowledge. Consider what time travel, warp speed, artificial gravity, or the loss of Schrodingers cat would mean to us, and en route accumulate the knowledge you need to debate the shape that our science might take in the future... Click here to order (or on the image to the right)

I contributed 13 articles to What If Einstein Was Wrong?, these are

  • What if there were a smallest distance?
  • What if you went back to the future?
  • What if gravity were not a force?
  • What if Einstein was wrong?
  • What if the Big Bang theory were wrong?
  • Historical - What if the Milky Way is not the Universe?
  • What if the Universe were infinite?
  • What if there were no tides on the Moon?
  • What if a spoonful of matter weighted 100 million tonnes?
  • What if a star could rotate 600 times a second?
  • Historical - What if stars and supernovas make the elements?
  • What if we dug a blackhole?
  • What if there were no dark matter?