Rhodri Evans
30-Second Einstein

30-second Einstein provides a wonderful way to learn about Albert Einstein's impact on physics. Each article is written in an easily accessible way, aimed at the non-expert. Edited by renowned science writer Brian Clegg, the book has 50 articles relating to different aspects of Einstein's work. I wrote the following articles for the book 
  • Bose-Einstein statistics
  • Biography - Satyendra Bose
  • Photolectric quanta
  • Stimulated emission of radiation
  • Biography - Max Planck
  • Dreaming about light (floating alongside a sunbeam)
  • On the electrodynamics of moving bodies
  • Simultaneity
  • Length, time and mass
  • Spacetime
  • Biography - Hermann Minkowski
  • E=mc2
  • Heavy clocks
  • Gravitational lenses
  • The cosmological constant
  • Expanding universes

This book will be released in September 2016, but is available for pre-order if you follow this link.