Rhodri Evans

Since October 2011 I have been writing a blog, called ‘thecuriousastronomer’, in which I discuss pretty much any topic under the sun, from astronomy and physics to sport to poetry to music to politics. I try to update this blog each week-day, and in any given week I try to make at least one post be about astronomy or physics of mathematics, and there is typically at least one or two posts a week about music (one of my favourite topics!). The popularity of my blog has grown steadily since I started writing it, in 2015 it received some 130,000 hits, compared to fewer than 20,000 in 2012. If I receive an interesting question via email I will sometimes decide to blog about it rather than answer it privately; my aim in my blog is to raise understanding and awareness of subjects which I find interesting.

The map below shows how widely read my blog is, it has received hits from almost every country in the World. To see more about my blog, including a feed of the my latest posts, click on the BLOG tab at the top of the page.